Re-issue: Avondland (1986)

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Technotronic Partymix 1996

First one of the Archive Releases. This one is from 1996. Three previously unreleased Zombotronic party mixes and two bonus tracks.
All tracks recorded from original chrome c-90 cassette and left untouched to preserve the original feel, so no equalising or whatever applied…

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Recorded & mixed at ZUSPACE, 2B, the Neverlands
All music bij E. Vanek / Mark Trash

From the Archive: Matrix Machinations, 1996

  • Cassette
    1996 release containing:
    – C52 cassette
    – printed booklet
    – floppy disk
    – Bonus CD Back to Siberia (1994)
  • We have 3 items for sale from our archive. About 15 copies were made, and there will never be a re-release because we don’t have the packaging and any of the original artwork and master tape. This pakage comes in a software box. The floppy disk, as we can remember, seems to be containing a virus. The disk is not checked, use at your own risk.
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This is the first release of a project together with Steve Hubback, a Welsh blacksmith and animal sorcerer. Listen to it hear or buy it at Pravdada’s bandcamp page.

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ZUS: Full Circle (C-64 tape)


This is a major release since the resurrection of the Zombies in 2010. From 2010 on these tracks were created, edited, left to mature, changed, refined, processed, and mutilated. Untill, based on and inspired by their 1984 release “Fanaticism & Hysteria”, Zombies Under Stress rediscovered themselves in the art of playfull intuitive sonic constructions beyond place and time.

released 03 December 2013

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ZUS: Fanatism & Hysteria (C-90 tape, 1984 re-issue)


This is the main release of the early Zombies Under Stress. Pure, oldstyle industrial music featuring analog synths, microphone, effects and all kinds of distorted accoustic sounds.
This remake is made copying from the original cover artwork and the original mastertape. No soundprocessing or remastering has been applied. True 80’s industrial.



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