Unreleased song (1990) : Your Mind

ZUS 1996Here’s another unreleased song: Your Mind. It’s pretty poppy and therefore it just didn’t fit on any release. Well, the mix is pretty lousy, there’s no master, the trumpets and samples are really wrong, and the detuning is maybe a little too much… Nevertheless it rocks like hell we think. Thanks to Trash for drums & heavy detuning.

More unreleased stuff coming up from the early eighties when ZUS was just starting.

Future (extended unmixed unmastered version)

ZUS 1996First of some unreleased songs. This one was made in 1997, more than 15 minutes long and definitely one of the most epic songs of ZUS. Mixed down it was released in a different, short version on Matrix Machinations which was a multimedia issue packaged in a software box containing a c-52 (?, -have to check-) cassette, along with a booklet, a floppy disc (which contains a virus that was not deliberately included) and as a bonus the 1993 CD-release Back to Siberia.

We have still a few copies in the archive which will be for sale as soon as we start the archive sales.
The tape Matrix Machinations can be downloaded in the download section

new release: Second Planet

Second Planet cover pic.

Now available for download: the dark ambient project Second Planet. This download includes 5 tracks: kaos, 1. 2. 6. 7 and 9. (tracks kaos 2, 3 and 4 were already published here half a year ago and can be found in de audio section).

Below you can find two tracks to listen / download, and the downloadable zip containing all the tracks and bigger version of the cover. Have fun.

Download Zombies Under Stress: Second Planet (MP3 320kbs, 98MB, 42min)

sMTvUS hits Berlin and Tripkau – 20 minutes of music here free download

sMTvUZ liva at SupamollyAfter ZUS played legendary Tacheles this summer, now sMTvUS hit Supamolly at the Mental Zirkus festival in Berlin 2 & 3 september with two different sets.
First day a 45 minutes set of which you can hear “Cats”, a 10 minute track.

Second day, of which we can offer you ‘Supadrone 1′ (11min), we played a dark ambient industrial set of one and a half hours. Best track we like so far is this one.

(if you read -or better hear- this and like this shit we ask you you to repost anywhere, thanx!)

ZUS live in Berlin

ZUS has performed in Tacheles, Berlin on 7,8,9 & 10 juli 2011.
This track is a recording of the 3th day, 64 minutes.

This was a solo live performance of the forthcoming new release ‘Second Planet – KAOS’.

ZUSMTVS live at Paradox 18-05-2011

The ZUS – MTVS collaborational project appearded live at club Paradox. First track of this gig WE WERE MANY was produced at the ZUS studio at Stroomhuis. This gig was recorded directly to 4-track tape using line conn. Enjoy.