On Weder

First track of a dark ambient project called “ON”. We started in 2012 recording different ambient atmospheres. This first one is recorded in my back garden. The end of day, the sky is turning dark with black clouds an far away thunder is roaring. All living creatures recorded sound a bit agitated, nervous. Like seeking shelter.
(the images are from a totally different scene)

Unreleased song (1990) : Your Mind

ZUS 1996Here’s another unreleased song: Your Mind. It’s pretty poppy and therefore it just didn’t fit on any release. Well, the mix is pretty lousy, there’s no master, the trumpets and samples are really wrong, and the detuning is maybe a little too much… Nevertheless it rocks like hell we think. Thanks to Trash for drums & heavy detuning.

More unreleased stuff coming up from the early eighties when ZUS was just starting.


This is the first release of a project together with Steve Hubback, a Welsh blacksmith and animal sorcerer. Listen to it hear or buy it at Pravdada’s bandcamp page.

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Future (extended unmixed unmastered version)

ZUS 1996First of some unreleased songs. This one was made in 1997, more than 15 minutes long and definitely one of the most epic songs of ZUS. Mixed down it was released in a different, short version on Matrix Machinations which was a multimedia issue packaged in a software box containing a c-52 (?, -have to check-) cassette, along with a booklet, a floppy disc (which contains a virus that was not deliberately included) and as a bonus the 1993 CD-release Back to Siberia.

We have still a few copies in the archive which will be for sale as soon as we start the archive sales.
The tape Matrix Machinations can be downloaded in the download section

ZUS: Full Circle (C-64 tape)


This is a major release since the resurrection of the Zombies in 2010. From 2010 on these tracks were created, edited, left to mature, changed, refined, processed, and mutilated. Untill, based on and inspired by their 1984 release “Fanaticism & Hysteria”, Zombies Under Stress rediscovered themselves in the art of playfull intuitive sonic constructions beyond place and time.

released 03 December 2013

Listen or download at:

ZUS: Fanatism & Hysteria (C-90 tape, 1984 re-issue)


This is the main release of the early Zombies Under Stress. Pure, oldstyle industrial music featuring analog synths, microphone, effects and all kinds of distorted accoustic sounds.
This remake is made copying from the original cover artwork and the original mastertape. No soundprocessing or remastering has been applied. True 80’s industrial.



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sMTvUs live at artspace flipside

sMTvUs (uniting ZUS & MTVS industrial pioneers combo’s) played live at artspace Flipside in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Celebrating the realease of our C-32 cassette “Live at Labin”, recorded live at Labin, Istri√ę, september 2012. It will be available soon.